UK Partner - University Of Leeds

UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS (UoL) has long experience in training and education in the area of Renewable Energy Systems, with several taught programs in Renewable Energy Systems (BEng, MEng, MSc), and a particular focus on the use of new technologies (Smart Grid) to enhance the resiliency and efficiency of power grids. UoL is also a great proponent of research-led teaching, to expose students to recent developments in new technologies and pro-actively adapt the curriculum to tackle future challenges.

In this project UoL will take an advisory and support role, helping to revise the DIT curriculum and make it future- proof with the current development in resilient renewable energy systems

This will be done through bilateral exchange of staff (travelling expenses are already covered by other research projects and would simply extend to cover the educational aspects), ad-hoc bespoke training of DIT staff, access to digital educational material developed at the UoL, feedback on educational material from DIT, access to the laboratory facilities at UoL (the Smart Grid Laboratory at UoL allows for remote access, performing experiments, and analysing results), and access to online MOOC resources (one such course in renewable energy is currently being developed with DIT and two of the spoke partners through an EPSRC­funded project).

UoL has a strong connection with DIT and two of the academic partners (UDSM, CREEC) both on a research level. This connection is enabled through an ongoing Royal-Society DFID-funded project (on capacity building for renewable energy in Africa) and an EPSRC project (on the development of hybrid mini-grids for rural electrification). Through these projects, all four universities have signed legal agreements to facilitate their joint work, and have already completed several exchanges of PhD students and academic staff for training and research, and published jointly in related conferences and journals. These agreements, already in place, can be extended to cover the E4R project.