Training Programs

Trainings Programs.

1. The training on Solar PV - wind hybrid system design and Installation- 07.09.20

1 Theory- Introduction to Solar PV system, Wind system and hybrid system
2: Hands on: Performing Site survey and data collection
3  Theory: Solar PV system configuration: off-grid. Grid interactive
4 Theory :Wind system configuration
5 Design:Data analysis and sizing of the components
6 Hands on : Equipment Specification and Site Preparation
7 Theory: Mechanical Integration and Installation Safety
8: Hands on: Mechanical system installation
9  Hands on: Electrical system installation, wind system installation, and integration to make  hybrid syste


2. Business Development and Incubation Program

1.     What is design thinking

2.     Business modelling

3.     Start up financing

4.     Pitching

5.     Boot camp and renewable hackathon (competition of ideas through pitching)