Industrial Visits For September 2019


2.1 Kibindu Village Gasification and Solar Hybrid system
The Project under the support of USADF Power Africa Grant has installed a 20 kW Biomass Gasification Plant with mini-grid in Kibindu Village, Chalinze District in the Coast Region. The focus of the project is to provide clean and affordable electricity to the villagers who are using kerosene, diesel and gasoline for lighting, charging phone and other productive activities. The village community is located about 55 kilometres from the national grid. The electricity from the power plant is being distributed to customers through a recently constructed mini grid with a capacity of connecting about 100 households and SMEs.
Kibindu Village is off grid area and recently installed power plant has raised demand for electricity in the village. The project has brought the additional investment to expand the system and fortunately Husk Power Systems Company has expanded the existing Biomass Gasification Power Plant through hybridization with Solar PV System to ensure enough and reliable electricity in the village (which have capacity of generating electricity to suffice about 200 customers). The expansion to hybrid system with solar PV system started in April 2017 and was completed in March 2018.