Business Incubation Start-Ups Program

RETC has successfully started the business incubator programme. The first module was design thinking module. This module aims in promoting the idea into action, students were able to present their innovative ideas aimed in creating the solutions to challenges presented to them. The Purpose is to use design thinking to assist students generate project ideas for academic and self employment purposes.

Fig.1. Lecturer and students in one of the design thinking class session.


The beauty of the incubator program is the use of Design Thinking which promote “idea to action” approach, making it possible for any dream start-up venture a reality before graduation

The figure 2 and Figure 3. shows the students in deep discussions on finding the solutions to the following challenges :

  • Education
  • Water supply
  • Health services etc

The figure 2.Students in deep discussions on finding the solutions social challenges .in the neighborhood


Fig. 3 Design Thinking Class – students developing pro-renewable start-ups that solve   social challenges at the RETC-DIT